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News About Game Reserves in South Africa

May 7

Whether or not you visit a game reserve in South Africa is not entirely clear - a video released by activists shows fences torn down by protesters. The footage was shot during a May 2021 community protest, and the state authority in charge of the park said the game reserve was not affected by the unrest. Despite the controversy, there are still positive things to say about the game reserve. But before you make your mind up, it is worth checking some news sources to see if any of them has a stance on the matter.

For example, the uPhongolo Local Municipality's mayor met with the Somkhanda Community Game Reserve recently to discuss the conservation efforts there. These reserves are crucial for the South African economy because tourists help create jobs and boost the local economy. Visiting these game reserves will allow you to contribute to conservation efforts. And, as long as you're planning on spending money at the reserve, it's a win-win situation.

In South Africa, the Christmas holiday season used to see tens of thousands of tourists spending thousands of rands a day. During the Covid pandemic, the number of tourists decreased significantly. It is bad news for the country's 500 private game reserves, many of which are located in remote parts of the country. Private game reserves have to spend a huge amount of money each month to feed their animals and prevent the spread of the disease. Many have been forced to shut down and lay off staff. Others have resorted to selling their animals to make ends meet.

Luckily Ditholo Game Lodge in Limpopo survived the harshness of the Covid pandemic and offers the tourist a beautiful bush-veld view, wildlife and relaxation. The game lodge offers you various types of activities and provide you with various anemities to relax. You do not have to go far to have a good time, the lodge offers it all. Ditholo Game Lodge is one of a few accommodation destinations owned by the Orion Group in South Africa. They have various properties, accommodation and spa relaxation branches over South Africa. 

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